Lisa Farano draws from 30 years + of award winning, innovative and committed business solutions as well as fundraising, grant writing and promotion in both for profit and not for profit sectors. She has worked extensively in First Nations and Inuit communities across Canada focusing on education solutions and enabling freedom. She has also helped to build education programs in developing countries such as India, Nicaragua, Tanzania and Nepal. Lisa has years of community, national and global experience which has guided her to become a solid leader in the industry. A changemaker at heart, Lisa is developing a strong reputation for solutions oriented consulting and coaching on both personal and professional levels that produces results. She is a role model with integrity; a ten year plus Rotarian and Paul Harris Fellow, as well as a YMCA Canada Peace Medal and Ashoka Changemaker recipient. Whether you are for profit, not for profit, indigenous organization or community or any size business or solopreneur, Lisa Farano Consulting will help you to clearly define the issues and fix them fast.


I Love to Help People With

1. Starting out – creating a plan and the CONFIDENCE to start a new business or launch a new idea.

2. Being a CHANGEMAKER – do you want to make a difference in the world? Let’s do it together.

3. Creative development – building INNOVATION into your life and business.

4. Setting a direction – creating a new path and getting ‘UN-STUCK’.

5. All areas of BUSINESS – especially strategic planning and long term goal setting but don’t forget sales/ communication and budgeting.

6. FUNDRAISING and sponsorship development including grant writing/ personal asks/ fundraisers.

7. Developing LEADERSHIP skills whether you are brand new to the job or have piles of experience.

8. Community ENGAGEMENT including developing volunteer programs.

9. International DEVELOPMENT – everywhere.

10. How to create an environment of people who CARE and CONTRIBUTE.

With Mary Simon in Iqulauit

Lisa and Beatrice serving up educational excitement at Sipekne'katik First Nation, N.S.

At a Rotary conference; bringing attention and awareness to the issues facing Indigenous peoples in Canada.

At the Toronto Boat Show demonstrating where education and fun intersect.

Lisa with her daughter in Italy.

With Nepale students in the Himalayas, India.

Working on education projects in Mirik, India.

With her son on one of their many trips working to help further education.