Change your Life + Business Here

How does Lisa Farano Consulting take you from feeling like your head is treading just above water to sailing your ship across the ocean? By creating a customized plan through strategic diagnostic sessions that will help you to clearly define the issues and how we will tackle them. Whether it’s personal or professional; increased revenue, more effective communications, fundraising and grant writing, creating a brand new business; learning to trust your instincts; getting ‘un-stuck’ or whatever your objective may be – Lisa Farano Consulting gets to the heart of the issues through custom-designed strategies to bring you to smooth sailing and success!

  1. So stop living paycheck to paycheck!
  2. Create a plan to step out of your comfort zone and be a changemaker!
  3. Identify your product or customer and let’s make some sales!
  4. Create a strategic plan that works for you!
  5. Create your kicka$$ website/ marketing stuff/ fundraising program!
  6. Write your mission statement/bio/resume that gets results!
  7. Develop your board – get rid of them!
  8. Get un-stuck!

If you know something isn’t working but you’re not sure what, we can help you to pinpoint the issues.

LFC will provide confidence, accountability, fresh ideas and support!

Planning Your Strategy

How Do We Get There?

From ambitious beginners to established business owners, choose the package that speaks to your needs. Let’s say you want to develop a sales plan. Here are some highlights of what we’ll cover in a typical strategy session;

1. Identify/clarify your product(s) or service (don’t laugh – this is not always clear!)

2. Refine who your targeted client is and who would you like it to be?

3. What is your current sales plan? Budget? Do you have one? Does it need upgrading?

4. Determine how much time you have – we’ll develop weekly and monthly targets.

5. Nail down a long term plan to hit those targets and maintain them.

But that’s just sales. If it’s business we can focus on strategic planning, communications, budgets or even the ‘soft elements’ that can define the corporate culture of your organization – whatever you need to get you and your company achieving success. If it’s personal we can focus on whatever elements are keeping you from achieving your highest potential. Let’s say you have a great idea for a new business but you’re stuck getting it off the ground. We can prepare you to develop a clear, effective plan that suits your needs and achieves your targets.  Together we can do this!

Achieve your Goals

Pick the Program that Works for You!

Fast Track 

Meant to get to the heart of the issues and make specific recommendations to get you started on making change to achieve success.

A Little More Support 

Offers a more in depth examination into options. Best if you have more than one area of the business you want to focus on.


In Depth View 

Ideal if you are looking for leadership as well as employee support.


The Works 

Key to achieving success in multiple areas of the business offering long term goal setting.

Now you can stop living your life like your head is just treading above water! LFC can help guide you to smooth sailing through one on one strategic diagnostic sessions. Help you to stand back from a 2 inch view and take a 50,000 foot view. Catered specifically to your business or personal leadership needs, she will help you to tap into the issues and create clear recommendations for moving forward. Whether your business or personal issue is specific to one area or getting your entire organization to fly in formation, LFC will help you to uncork the ability to achieve your goals and get you there!