What people have to say about Lisa Farano

I have worked with Lisa over the past 15 years as she initiated and coordinated a variety of educational programs for students of the Cree School Board.  These highly successful programs which focus on graduate support are still on going and continue to be well-received and enjoyed by both students and staff.  Lisa’s positive attitude and her ability to make things happen made working with her a rewarding experience.  With Lisa’s expertise, experience and professionalism, her ability to get results, her remarkable communication and analytical skills, her kind, generous and understanding nature and her passion for and dedication to indigenous education, Lisa will be an extremely positive asset as a consultant for any company.
Olivia Spencer

(Retired) Cooperative Education Teacher and Coordinator, James Bay Eeyou School, Cree Nation of Chisasibi

I first met Lisa when we both receiving an Ashoka award for First Nations education. I have had the opportunity since then to see firsthand her work in education in my own community, Waycobah First Nation and well as Sipekne’katik First Nation in Nova Scotia. I have admired her hard work and great energy but am mostly inspired by her genuine passion to improve First Nations peoples quality of life and helping them to achieve their culture and traditions through various means and in particular through education. Lisa has also been an ambassador in working with Rotary groups and taking every opportunity she has to bring awareness to other parts of Canada of First Nations successes and challenges. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with her and recommend her as a consultant to anyone genuinely interested in making change. Wela’lin.
Regional Chief Morley Googoo

Assembly of First Nations , Newfoundland and Nova Scotia

Elephant Thoughts is an education program that has come into my home community and opened up a world of learning to the young people in my family.  Under the leadership and guidance of Lisa Farano, this program has enriched the learning atmosphere in First Nations schools and has inspired Native youth to embrace unknown areas of science and arts.  Lisa’s enthusiasm and positive outlook has allowed Elephant Thoughts become an important partner with many Native schools that are underfunded and under-resourced.  Her vision and approach is a great benefit to our Native communities.
Ken Paul

Director of Fisheries, Atlantic Policy Congress of First Nations Chiefs

Lisa is passionate about helping others. Her years of experience in building and running a Canadian education charity has offered her insights and first-hand experience in best practices for success in both the for-profit and charitable sectors. Her work has deservedly garnered her multiple awards and national recognition. Passion, perseverance, creativity, personable, intelligent, problem solver are all great reasons why Lisa will be an excellent choice to consult for you or your company.
Jeremy Rhodes

Executive Director, Elephant Thoughts Educational Outreach

Lisa Farano is an excellent choice to help you or your company to achieve success. Her decades of experience bring know how and insight to a multitude of areas which makes her a real asset to your business. She will help you and/or your company stand back and look at the big picture so together you can develop a plan to move forward. I have tremendous respect for Lisa and always enjoy working with her. Her positive attitude makes working with her an uplifting experience.
Deb Keep

Chair, Elephant Thoughts Educational Outreach

Lisa Farano has been a strong community partner both as President of the children’s education charity Elephant Thoughts and as President Elect of The Rotary Club of Collingwood South Georgian Bay. The Town of Collingwood has held in the highest regard her passion, consideration and understanding, as well as, her continued commitment to education and life-long learning. We are delighted that Lisa continues to call Collingwood her home and wish her the best of success in her new endeavors.
Sandra Cooper

Mayor for the Town of Collingwood

Lisa Farano has an exceptional ability to see create and seize opportunities when others hardly notice them. Lisa is a talented fundraiser, a passionate changemaker, and a dedicated individual. Take the opportunity to work with her and see your business or initiative grow!
Michelle Rich

Executive Director, Environment Network

Lisa is a community-minded professional who makes things happen.‎ She is well respected in the Georgian Triangle community and is a pleasure to work with.
Jarvis Strong

Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters Georgian Triangle

I am very aware of Lisa’s effective fund raising capacity which was recognized in her numerous successful grant applications to the Blue Mountain Village Foundation. Seeking grants is a competitive business and requires a thoughtful, organized and energetic approach to the market. It also requires follow up and demonstrating an ability to make the funded project deliver on its promises. Lisa has succeeded well in this area for many years. I am sure her smart and practical approach to business will prove beneficial to her consulting clients.
Don Braden

President, Blue Mountain Village Foundation

I have worked on various projects with Lisa over the past ten years on both a volunteer and professional basis. Much of this has been in the context of the Rotary connection we share. She is astute, energetic, knowledgeable and personable and she radiates integrity. Lisa’s commitment to advancing the interests of aboriginal people in Canada and promoting the wellbeing of people in developing countries is thoroughgoing and inspirational.
Lorne Kenney

Collingwood Mediation Services , Liberal Candidate Grey Simcoe