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Summer Games in Cape Breton

Students in Nicaragua

Sustainable Solutions for Indigenous Communities

What makes my clock tick/blood boil/gets my a** outta bed? Issues of injustice. But worse is when it’s an issue that is recognized but individuals don’t do anything because it doesn’t threaten their daily existence. Anti Italian, (anti southern Italian). Anti Jewish. Anti black. Anti Irish. Anti Muslim. Anti Native. Anti indigenous.  The list goes on. Where does all this intolerance come from? No question I was born of immeasurable privilege. Not because of wealth or stature.  I was born a white woman in a world that has been unfortunately predominantly controlled and often repressed by white races.  I didn’t need to be ‘westernized’. I didn’t have to suffer the way my own father and his father did – persecuted for being children of southern Italian immigrants.  I didn’t have to grow up in conflict with who I was in my heart and in my soul. So yes I was born of privilege. And yes it’s unfair. And I want to do something about it. I never understood, ‘why racism?’. I don’t understand intolerance. But I know I can’t sit by and watch. I focus on education and awareness with a goal to increasing racial tolerance and acceptance. Join me to change this injustice!

When Maria Shriver speaks of Architects of Change she is referring to people who see a problem in their own life or the community around them, then step out of their comfort zone and do what it takes to create the solution. Changemakers.

John Ralston Saul, in The Comeback says, “I believe that whatever governments in Canada do, positive or negative, indigenous peoples will continue to grow in strength and influence. The question that each of us must ask ourselves is whether we want to play our role as citizens – as treaty people. Or whether we are going to hang on to our old habits – no matter how disguised as sympathy or ignorance or technical difficulties or legal difficulties or budgetary difficulties – and so betray our obligations as Canadian citizens”.

We all have the opportunity to make change.  I do it with my work. I do it with my life.

Be a changemaker with me!

Pow wow in Nova Scotia.

With Mary Simon, leader of Inuit education, in Iqaluit.

Monk chat at the Taj - Agra, India.

James cutting the grass at the Taj. He’s now a landscape designer. Humble beginnings.

Lisa and Patrick in Nepal.

In Igoma, Africa – working on community based education programs.

With Ama at home in Mirik.