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Hiding Behind God




In Film

Since before university, my work has surrounded shining a light on systemic and everyday racism and that starts with education. Combining art with awareness inspires change – enter Hiding Behind God. What started as a documentary to bring awareness to the prevalence of abuses against the first women of this country, Indigenous women, has become a feature film. From different worlds, a white female journalist and a young Indigenous woman in search of her missing mother are led into the dark underworld of human trafficking on the Great Lakes and discover they have much more in common than they would have ever expected.

Hiding Behind God” is a finely crafted dramatic thriller with strong themes. I appreciate the low key, naturalistic style and the deliberate, methodical way the interwoven multiple plot thread.” –

 “The script features a unique story for a crime drama with interweaving stories and characters investigating sex trafficking and international crime. The script features a strong structure while moving at a good pace, providing a quick read while building tension effectively.” – Chicago Screenplay Contest

If you want to make a human being into a monster, deny them,
at the cultural level, any reflection of themselves.

― Junot Díaz

A painting by Jonathan Labillois

Still Dancing

The name of the painting is “Still Dancing”. Dancers dance for those who cannot, the sick, the elders, and those who are gone. It’s like all those women are still dancing through her.  I would like to thank my little sister Cheryl who came up with the name.

The painting measures 4ft x 5ft and was created with acrylic and mixed media on canvas.  I used my Facebook friend Bertafly KaKinoosit as the model for this. I tried not to make it look too much like her but people recognized her anyway.

I decided to donate this painting to the Montreal Native Women’s Shelter.  My goal is to raise awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada. I hope sharing this painting with others will bring this issue into the minds of people everywhere and that none of our sisters, mothers, aunts or daughters will ever be forgotten.

I hope to make some prints of this piece available to everyone soon.

Jonathan Labillois

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